We believe breast health must be an integral part of every school's health curriculum.

Introducing "Litty" and the got checked? Campaign

Linda Bonanno, a.k.a "Litty" (her alter ego), is an enthusiastic and determined supporter of a new model of awareness and education using innovative tools and approachable methods meant to penetrate young minds in a subliminal way. She uses tools such as literature, music, videos, and everything related to technology and the social media era that our new generation loves and are acquainted to.

The Family Kit

The Family Kit is a powerful tool and its purpose is to unite, encourage and let the family come together and discuss tips of prevention. Included in the kit are our signature pledges for all ages which ask pertinent health questions and encourage the entire family to be proactive and comit to a healthy lifestyles.

A Fresh Formula.

Their got checked? plan-of-action workshops and their new and fresh formula to reach youth was awarded the "Lisa Cowan Award" by the SASS foundation and several grants from numerous New York State Senators, allowing her to reach a great portion of young Long Island residents and their communities.


The got checked? campaign is on a mission to spread breast health awareness to all ages.

"Listen to Litty"
Kid's Workshop
Ages 5 - 12    •    30 Minutes

A happy, positive and jolly Litty entertains young children with a fun read along filled with life saving health tips.

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"Decode Your Future"
Youth Workshop
Ages 13 - 19    •    45 Minutes

We make a connection with the young audience and discuss breast health, genetics, fitness, nutrition, spiritual health, community service and more.

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"I Got Checked and I Feel Good"
Adult Workshop
Adults    •    1 Hour

These onsite workshops include topics such as health, genetics, fitness, nutrition, spiritual health, and community service.

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