Being mindful on and off the field

Our got checked? Athletic Department is meant to nurture our younger generation of athletes with a new model of coaching. This goes beyond the sport itself and all the way into preventative lifestyle choices, from breast and chest health to nutrition all the way to a life lived with purpose. We strive to develop conscious human beings competing with pride and skills on and off the field and the court. This is our ultimate goal, to teach valuable life skills that will carry children into a successful adulthoodwhile. We remain resilient and determined in life!

A Team With a Purpose

We are so proud of our newly recruited got checked? lacrosse team and their amazing performance and effort while playing a first set of local tournaments. These young ladies all together showed unity, determination and respect for the game, but also for the team's core mission of breast health, education and prevention. Trained by highly regarded professionals like coach Tony DellaRocca, the girls bring the vision of a "team with a purpose" to life.

Putting Health First


The got checked? campaign is on a mission to spread breast health awareness to all ages.

"Listen to Litty"
Kid's Workshop
Ages 5 - 12    •    30 Minutes

A happy, positive and jolly Litty entertains young children with a fun read along filled with life saving health tips.

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"Decode Your Future"
Youth Workshop
Ages 13 - 19    •    45 Minutes

We make a connection with the young audience and discuss breast health, genetics, fitness, nutrition, spiritual health, community service and more.

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"I Got Checked and I Feel Good"
Adult Workshop
Adults    •    1 Hour

These onsite workshops include topics such as health, genetics, fitness, nutrition, spiritual health, and community service.

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