Donna Cioffi

seeking social, politial and educational changes

I am the president of “First Company Pink” a non-profit and co- founder of the “got checked?” campaign, whose missions is focused on breast health education and early prevention. I am a mother of 3 and a survivor who is extremely dedicated to reinforce the importance of early intervention with a campaign that aims to remain current and progressive; while constantly seeking social, political and educational changes.

Donna Cioffi Founder

Litty Bonanno

WE're here to educate the future generations

I am the Vice President of “First Company Pink” a non-profit and co-founder of the “got checked?” campaign. I am a mother of 2 and a survivor. I am very much committed to youth and educating, using innovating tools and approachable methods. Literature, music, videos and everything related to the new technology and social media era are used to penetrate young minds in a subliminal way.

Litty Bonanno Founder
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