Music is the vector of our message of prevention and social justice with

a new era record label called got checked? Records

A record label fighting for justice

Its vision is one of fairness in the industry and passion in grooming talent to its full potential. With music as the vector of the label’s message and New York’s multicultural communities as the recipients, got checked? Records successfully addressed several pressing issues with its trademarked motto “ ACTION NOT AWARENESS “ .Everything stemming from healthcare reform, school reform, to civil rights and prison reform. Often partnered with Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn’s top activists , the label actively participates in panels and rallies about mass incarceration, school to prison pipeline and human trafficking to name a few. In closing, Artists make the world a better place and got checked? Records is committed to honor the beauty and respect the struggle, while fostering progression and growth!

Music with a message

The got checked? Record label was born out of the necessity to inspire the next generation towards a conscious lifestyle, with a core message of prevention. Always on the frontline fighting for justice and peace, this innovative fusion of music and activism, brought change and progress everywhere.

Supporting artist’s independent growth

Founded by Linda Bonanno a.k.a Litty in 2017, the label often described as a socio- political movement, is relentlessly educating, with impactful lyrics , all communities across Long Island and the boroughs. Known for taking a firm stand against “culture vultures”, hip- hop’s appropriators and exploiters, by respecting and nurturing the artist, got checked? Records brings opportunities where there are none.

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