The got checked? campaign is making strides to get Breast Cancer Health and Awareness into the spotlight to be taken more seriously for young women’s lives.

Making Moves for Women's Protection

With New York's Suffolk County already working to create an official got checked?™ Day, and the women working closely with county legislators to lower the mammogram age from 45 to 40, the movement is growing and both Linda and Donna will continue to be the forces behind the movement that asks one of the most important questions in early detection. "Filling the gap between puberty and 40 is what we do and First Company Pink declares that this army will leave no woman behind!" notes Creative Director Linda Bonanno.

Now in its sixth year, First Company Pink has announced, the got checked?™ campaign which strives to put Breast Cancer top of mind every day, not just for the 31 days in October. "Posing this as a question forces an immediate response that leads to changed behavior."

Shannon's Law

Shannon's Law is fighting or young lives and pushing for mammograms starting at age 35. Mammograms help detect breast cancer earlier and save a people tons of aggravation, pain and possibly their lives. Since we clearly see so many cases that do not fall under any risk criteria, mammograms should be readily available to all at a younger age.

As we always profess, no soldiers are left behind. While we empower and educate our millennials, what do we offer to our “Generation Y?" These women are overwhelmed, busy raising a family and in desperate need for answers. We would like to give them those answers and peace of mind.

The law is named in memory of Shannon Saturno, who was only 31 when she passed away in July of 2016. She’s left a legacy of soldiers ready to protect our next generation of “procreators”. This was a woman that, diagnosed at 28 while pregnant, suffered the unbearable, and fought until the very end like a true champ. We are determined to carry on her legacy, towards a better future for all women.

got checked? Day

got checked? Day is a vital, lifesaving campaign meant to educate youth through initiatives regarding the importance of breast health, screenings and early detection.

New York State Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre recently recognized Donna Cioffi and Linda Bonanno of First Company Pink for their dedicated efforts on the frontline of breast cancer education and prevention. Donna and Linda were introduced on the Assembly floor and presented with official copies of an Assembly resolution that passed unanimously in April, proclaiming July 6, 2018, as “got checked?” day in New York State. “got checked? Day.”

  • July 6th 2016: Proclaimed "got checked? Day" in Babylon passed
  • April 19th 2017: Proclaimed official "got checked? Day" for Suffolk County by County Executive Steve Bellone
  • July 6th 2018: Proclaimed New York State "got checked?" Day by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
  • Working towards National "got checked?" Day

Monica R. Martinez

Monica R. Martinez is a Salvadoran-American educator and politician from the state of New York. A Democrat, she is a member of the New York State Senate representing the 3rd district. She formerly served in the Suffolk County Legislature, representing the 9th district.

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