Our History

We believe that all women deserve a chance at the best quality of life.

How it all began

First Company Pink

It all began with First Company Pink, a not for profit organization on the front line of prevention. While we support life saving breast cancer research, we also promote and support education and public awareness projects. Founded in April 2010 by Donna Cioffi, following her personal battle with breast cancer, Donna felt a personal responsibility to reach women of all ages and encourage them to answer this critical question "got checked?" yes or no!

A Fellow Survivor

In 2015, Linda Bonanno, a fellow survivor, joined forces with Cioffi as Co-Founder, Partner, & Creative Director and proceeded to translate the campaign into the "got checked?" brand.

The Next Generation

A new era has started taking shape. The campaign's message is delivered through interactive educational workshops, music, videos, youth literature, fitness gear and fun. Through different alternative media, got checked? is able to connect with a younger generation.

A New Face of Breast Cancer Awareness
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